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Okay, I’ve seen that Farrakhan gif set about Nigeria on my dashboard way too many times now not to say something. I usually don’t even bother things on tumblr that trouble me, but this has become quite disturbing and personally offensive to witness, honestly.

Let’s please establish some facts.

Louis Farrakhan has been widely speculated in helping assassinate Malcolm X, by Malcolm’s immediate family no less. Here’s the late Malcolm’s daughter, Malaak Shabazz, in an interview stating the following:

  • “The Nation of Islam, were they involved (in the murder of Malcolm)?” Absolutely.
  • Was Farrakhan involved? Absolutely. He was also involved with the CIA, FBI and everybody else. Yes, he [Farrakhan] was and he knows it. We know it and everybody else who was around during that time knows it too,” she continued.

and later came to admit it himself in a CBS interview, as well as a 20/20 interview.

Forgive me for being cynical, but I have an incredibly tough time believing that a man who assisted in conspiring to murder a righteous Black revolutionary in the US during the Civil Rights era has any remorse or concern for the double standards placed against third world nations by imperial powers. If Louis Farrakhan doesn’t care about the material conditions of suffering that Black people in his own backyard experience enough to have championed against Malcolm’s murder, he doesn’t care about the conditions of Nigeria. Point blank.

Farrakhan helped kill Malcolm. Let this be known. If you care about the suffering that Malcolm X’s family had to endure after the death, please do not circulate his words. Do not attribute any praise to him. He’s a lowlife. He helped brutally rob five young black girls of their father. If he truly advocated against the criminality of American politics the way he claimed in the gif set, he wouldn’t have fostered an environment to take down one of the most vehement voices and legitimate threats against such policies. There is absolutely no validity or relevance in his words relating to social justice. He threw that out a long time ago.

Please don’t reblog that gif set. Its a gross idolization of a disgusting, murder enabling criminal.

I had no idea!

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